Unique Decorative Wall Clocks for Living Room


If you have a large room, why not choose a large-format decorative wall clocks for living room? You will make a difference with the Times model, a bottomless clock that lets you glimpse the wall. And with decorative details in ash wood. Another trend is to combine different clocks in the same wall. Or clocks with other decoration elements such as mirrors, paintings or sheets. To achieve an original atmosphere, you can combine watches of different sizes and styles forming a unique mural.

In contrast, you can create the decorative wall clocks for living room with other watches from other styles. Such as the Nacre model, with beveled mirrors and nacre strips. We continue to be surprised every time we see a new decorative idea carried out by recycling old wood pallets. And we who thought that in matter of pales already everything were invent, that naive.

This time we find what, in our opinion, is a great idea: decorative wall clocks for living room create with pallets. We think it’s a good idea. Because it can be economical to carry it out. But also because of the amount of creative possibilities it can offer us. As we say, it is a project that we can carry out without much problem (we will need only wood from a pallet and a clock mechanism). But if DIY is not your thing you can always resort to the good work of artisans

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