Tips to Decorate Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture


The shabby chic living room furniture is one that has a combination of modern and old elements. These houses are very famous for their beautiful old or worn sofas that are precisely placed in a vanguard room. If you are going to decorate the shabby chic style. What you need to know is that the color that should reign in your decoration is white. Yes, the great amount of the finishes in the shabby chic style have as a star the white color. Then it offers the stability and clarity necessary for an ornate decoration. In the same way, this style of decoration is characterized by the unique use of pastel tones, which harmonize perfectly with white and give a super romantic touch.

In the shabby chic living room furniture style, the period furniture is mainly used. Because they are more characterized with this style. If you have modern wood furniture at home and want to give it a shabby chic finish, do not worry. All you have to do is paint it pastel and then wear the color by sanding it. With this your furniture will get a desired effect and very characteristic shabby chic style.

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As well as the white color, the beautiful flowers should not be lacking in the shabby chic living room furniture style either. Mostly flowers are widely used in curtains, quilts, tablecloths, cushions, wallpaper and as a centerpiece. As a rule, it is recommended to choose prints with small drawings of roses. Since the more tropical and large prints break the characteristics of this style of decoration.


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