Simple Design Living Room Table Decor


Living room table decor – Your coffee table is the anchor of the living room, makes a design statement and serves as a visual focal point. It is also one of the most prone to clutter in your home. You do not need expensive works of art to make your coffee table elegant and glamorous. A simple vase of flowers or moss topiary adds an instant touch of color and style, and is easy to change with the seasons. Make a personal design statement showing some of your favorite books or shells from your last family vacation. With a little planning, you can turn that crowded table into a design feature to be proud of. Take a look at these ideas to decorate a living room table.

Simple design living room table decor with the rule of three objects: Add a coffee table tray with small items, add decorative containers, you can include candles, add flowers or live plants, a bowl or a vase, or even a glass bottle. Keep it simple with a smaller table, or use multiple coffee tables.

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Then for design of living room table decor. The rule of three in the design states that humans consider odd number clusters, especially number three, to be attractive, and it is a concept that you can use when decorating your coffee table. One way to approach this tactic is to divide the coffee table, a rectangular table is ideal, in three different sections. You can also place groups of three decorative objects on the table for an attractive and asymmetrical design. The rest is on the scale and location.


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