What Color Should I Paint My Living Room Ideas


What Color Should I Paint My Living Room – If you buy a new home or renovate your current home, finding the correct color scheme for the rooms in the house is an important step. Many homeowners prefer neutral colors and it relieves them from the burden of binding you to something more drastic. But to take the time to find a color scheme that complements your furniture and your mood is a great way to make your living room unique and fun.


What Color Should I Paint My Living Room with Take clues from the colors. Match the color of the walls with the primary patterns and colors in your living room furniture and rugs. For example, if you have an oriental mat in the living room, choose a wall color that complements the colors in the carpet. Focus on the architecture of the living room. A rule of thumb that painters want to follow is that the architecture casting, windows, doors, mantle and built-in bookshelves should be one step brighter than wall color. Another option is to keep the architecture the same color, but to use a brighter luster.

Determine What Color Should I Paint My Living Room affects our mood and emotional life. The general opinion among psychologists who study the emotional effects of color is that there are hot and cold colors. Warm colors-red, orange and yellow produce a sense of excitement and energy and can actually increase heart rate and blood pressure. They lower heart rate and blood pressure and produce a mood of relaxation and rest. Color also contributes to the feeling of space in a room. Lighter colors make a room look bigger and more expansive.

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