How to Arrange Living Room Furniture According to Feng Shui


How to arrange living room furniture – According to Feng Shui to arrange the furniture in the living room must be such a way. First, normally the location of furniture starts with the basics of your room furniture, which makes out at the beginning of the compositional center of the room. The living will traditionally is a soft corner (sofa and armchairs). For all residential apartments operates a rule that the furniture should not interfere with the movement in the space of vital energy Qi.

Second, place furniture (slides, cabinets and shelves) should not placed on both sides of the window and next to the door. They should be placed along the empty walls and in the corners of the room. Third, how to arrange living room furniture chairs and seats feng shui? It must turned to the window. Do not place objects near the door or windows back; it creates a barrier to promote energy Qi. It is necessary to give priority to chairs and armchairs with armrests and high backs. Table of the living room must be round shape. Fourth, it is best to curved, circular or octagonal arrangement of furniture around the living room center of the compound.

Because, first, it will create additional protection against evil spirits. And, second, greatly facilitate communication between hosts and guests, because it is clearly visible to each other. Fifth, photo location of furniture in the living room the best location audio and video will be the western wall. To eliminate the negative effects of the television, it is recommended to place a few plants. These to isolate from the rest of the living room. The end. It’s according to feng shui of how to arrange living room furniture.


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