I just went to the Lowe’s website

I just went to the Lowe’s website to print out a copy of the “paid in full” statement from where we paid them off in December. The statement had been due to cut off on January 13, 2013 so I wanted the joy of printing out the zero balance statement for my records. Only despite the website saying the last statement has me at a zero balance it shows no statement online past the Dec 13, 2013. Hmm, bummer I really wanted to see that zero statement. But instead I printed a copy of the page showing it said we have a zero balance AND the payment history page as well. Just in case there is ever any question in the future. At least both of those say we owe zero to them.Once that was done I cleared that bookmarked website from my favorites list—Now that was fun! Jan who thinks they could have at least posted one final statement online in OK