the first thing to do is look at the upcoming budget and see what you can redo and maybe fit in this extra expense. The other option is to go to the BEF and take out the 103.76, put the snowball (detroitharmonie.com payday loans for bad credit) on hold til it replenishes, and move on from there.

But on the brightside of this, you’re aware of what needs to be done and it needs to be handled. You have a plan in place that allows for things to happen without the significant impact that it used to be.

My hubby and I started FPU classes at our church in January and finished in April. I don’t want to share our numbers with people that I go to church with, so I came here, where you all understand and won’t judge. We’re still stuggling with our budget. I was hoping someone would look over the figures we have to work with and give me some ideas on what you would do to get this thing working. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Sometimes when another person looks at the figures they see something different. I want to get these bill turned around, so they’re on time and the phone quits ringing.

We bring home $2900 per month
Rent $300
Electric $120
Water $40 (behind $40)
Gas $75
Phone $50
Cell Phone $120 (starting in July this will be $70)
Trash $15
Internet $10
Groceries $500 (5 people/3 teens)
Car Payment $226 (behind $226)
Truck Payment $280 (behind $280)
Car Insurance $130 (4 drivers) (starting in July this will be $75)
Car Fuel $400 (starting in July this will be less)
Prescriptions $20
Dentist $25
Visa 1 $140 (can’t change or be late – turned over to court for payment)
Home Depot $40
Sears $25
Visa 2 $250
Visa 3 $30
BP Gas Card $20
Sunoco Gas Card $20 (behind $80)
Dell $40
GE Moneybank $40
Hospital Bill $25

Hospital Bill $1800 due by 6/1 or will go to court
Medical equipment needed $800 (for hubby sleep apnea)
Graduation Party for twins
Driving lessons for 16 year old
Tires for the car