As most folks on the list know

DH and I have been in marriage counseling now for 18 months. Started when we were at our darkest moments financially (and a bunch of other things were going south about that time as well). We were fighting a lot, feeling very isolated from each other, losing faith in each other as partners, and feeling like we needed to get our own things done because that other person wasn’t going to be very helpful or supportive. We started 2012 not sure what the future held and still not quite on track with each other. Fast forward to now, and our relationship is completely different. We’ve started 2013 with a much better outlook, a much stronger relationship and a definitely restored sense that “we’re in it together”. Now we’re working to make it better, rather than merely just trying to hang on for the ride. Just this last week we’ve made some important relationship breakthroughs, which I won’t get into because they are subtle and would take a few novels of explanation. Suffice to say that despite a VERY tight budget, we’re doing better than ever and moving into the year with a healthy mix of caution and optimism. I’ve never been here before. I think I could get used to this. Of course I’d rather have jumped all the way to BS7 (when is that rich South African uncle going to be sending the $$$$????) but this is the best we’ve been yet. I also hope and trust that there are others out there who are “moving in the direction of goodness.” If folks have been mulling whether things can be better with their spouses, my reply would be a very emphatic YES! Sometimes folks need a “trail guide” to get there, but yes it’s possible.