I’m not certain what is going on with me

but I may have overdosed on Pollyanna pills because ever since the first of the year I have been feeling VERY optimistic about 2013. I have this overall gut feeling that it is going to be a wonderful year. I’ve been kind of afraid to say anything about it for fear of jinxing it. But it seems like I get up each day in an even brighter mood than the day before.I don’t know if it’s because the guys have been pitching in so much to help me declutter the house, or the fact we are finally truly snowballing at a decent rate (even with the flip-flop budget setback), the fact I get to stay home and not suffer physically from all the work of merchandising (we really are looking better financially since I cut back so much), the fact that in December this year dh and I both will be able to sign up for our ss checks (then watch that gazelle run), the planning –finally—of the much awaited Walt Disney World trip, or what. But I am on a Pollyanna high and I want everyone to catch the same fever I have. I want everyone to look around today and find a Millie Moment to share. Jan where the sun is shining on this bright last day of January 2013 in OK