More and more

of my friends or acquaintances in my age group and younger are either very ill or with painful conditions or have died. Know I have a lot to be grateful for….Plus we had sun….I can see spring! Bare root roses and fruit trees are in the nursery and can’t wait for garden. Got some really good deals at the Gleaners today, loaded up on peanut butter., luxury breads and juices. Paid today, bills paid out, all covered, savings is building slowly, have at least enough to live for one month in the emergency fund without having to dip into anything. All in all, making progress and am optimistic. Another big repair scheduled for a rental property on Feb 6th, if can get carpet in and some minor painting done will have it ready for rent (fingers crossed) by end of Feb. May not find a renter immediately but any time at all will be better return than has come out of it for many years.