It was a regular credit card

not a project card and they didn’t close the account I did when we started DR. The thing I found weird was it said zero per last statement on the website, but there was no statement. Oh well, I still can access it online and look at the zero balance if I need a boost. LOL! Jan who is simply thrilled the account is paid off and gone forever in OK

I wonder

if it has anything to do with them terminating the credit card, or at least the project card.Lowes had a normal credit card where you could charge anything and they had a project card that you had to spend a certain amount to use.We paid ours off and closed it, haven’t gotten any statements in awhile. But they sent something a month or so ago saying if you have an open project you can keep it and you have til the end of Jan I think to charge more items. If you window is closed you can not open any more windows. DH read it so there maybe have been more to it. But Im not sure if they are closing just the project card or both forms of their card.
That is a major bummer though I get a thrill of seeing all those zeros when we pay things off too.